Riverbend Medical Clinic is an innovative medical clinic
located in Calgary, Alberta.


Our Dear Albertans
We Are Open

We provide COVID testing, please call to make an appointment.

For your convenience:
COVID 19 Rapid tests now available
ECG and Spirometry tests now available.

Our office is also open from Monday to Friday: 8:30 AM to 7:00 PM; Saturday 10am to 2pm should you need to be seen physically by one of our doctors.
You may book your appointment online 24 hours a day or call the clinic during office hours.

We welcome Dr Adam Neufeld to the RiverBend family.

Below are the links to our diverse and knowledgeable physician staff.

Internal Medicine Specialist

Accepting New Patients – Referral Only

General Family Practice


General Family Practice, Cosmetics


General Family Practice, Cosmetics


General Family Practice


General Family Practice, Cosmetics, Physician


Internal Medicine Specialist

By referral only

(MSc, MD, CCFP, Family Physician)
General Family Practice

Joining our family in 6th September 2022

Experienced Cosmetic Practitioner

Accepting New Patients

IUD education, insertion, removal and check ups

Our experienced staff use a light hand, leaving you looking natural and fresh

Cyst / Mole Removal, Wart Treatment

Sleep Clinic, Complex Care Plans

Women's & Men's Healthcare, Internal Medicine Specialist