For many people, falling asleep, staying asleep, and having energy during the day doesn’t come as easily as it does for others. At Riverbend Medical Clinic, we take sleeping disorders very seriously and work closely with our patients to determine the underlying causes of sleeping disorders. We perform tests such as sleep studies and offer effective solutions for whatever the root cause of the sleep disturbance is. We also offer referrals for our patients who have more serious sleep disorders that need a higher level of testing and attention.


A Complex Care Plan is a plan designed specifically for a patient with complex medical conditions. This plan will provide all relevant information of the patient’s health and treatment options, usually for a full year. The Complex Care Plan will include the goals and milestones agree upon by the patient.

To ensure the full understanding of a medical condition, the patient will receive a detailed document of all their treatment options and specified knowledge of their condition. There are many benefits to a Complex Care Plan, including a self management system for patients to accomplish short and long term goals, it gives the patient the ability to identify and access qualified healthcare professionals, it helps guide patients through the healthcare system, and it helps them manage their conditions effectively.

Complex Care Plans are carefully created in collaboration with the patient. This ensures that the patient understands their plan fully, and have a say in what their plan will entail. The plan should be reviewed at least once a year to identify any challenges or opportunities that the patient is facing. Complex Care Plans are ever-evolving plans, our healthcare professionals are experienced with creating, revising, and working with patients to ensure successful treatment.